Precarious Assembly (2016)


An evening take-over of the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, that took place on 4th August 2016 and was curated in collaboration between members of Accumulations Project (Dani Abulhawa, Sara Spies, Amy Voris and Hannah Buckley).

In May 2016, we sent out a call for proposals for Precarious Assembly. We asked artists to propose the creation or adaptation of a performance for a specific location within, throughout or around the Whitworth building that engages with a lineage of female artists, activists and family heritage, and that responds to the history of female artists and curators who have exhibited in the Whitworth throughout its 108-year history. The 12 projects that were selected represent a wealth of different approaches to contemporary body and/or movement-based practices that integrate live performance, installation and video work. Importantly, each of the projects presented as part of Precarious Assembly functions as a portal into the artists’ own somatic and artistic heritage drawn from unique family histories, everyday encounters, educational experiences, and social and personal politics.

See here for more details about the theoretical framing of the event, of the artists involved and the work they presented: