'Girl' Skateboarding Cultures (2015-ongoing)

Drawing upon a diverse range of current movements within skateboarding, this research looks at how self-identifying female skateboarders (in particular) enact a range of feminist and post-feminist politics, how they broaden identity categories around gender and sexuality, and how their performances, social dynamics and occupation of space inscribes these politics in public urban spaces. The broad scope of the project explores how 'femininity' as an identity category starting point, might be expanded and understood as a part of skateboarding culture.

My research focuses on three main areas:

  1. Professional and industry skateboarders
  2. Grass-roots ‘girl’ groups – The DIY set-up of female-oriented skateboard crews and groups
  3. Philanthropic skateboarding projects - often set up as part of development initiatives

I'm currently working on a full-length monograph examining these areas, which will include a short accompanying film. 

If you've got any thoughts about any of these ideas, or if you're a skateboarder with a perspective to offer, I'd love to hear from you: daniabulhawa@gmail.com