'Feint Lines'; a new performance happening at 'Lone Women in the Not Quite Light- Flashes of Wilderness' (part of Not Quite Light weekend)

I'm performing a new piece of work titled Feint Lines; a skateboard choreography with accompanying audio, on Sat 19th May on the top floor of a car park in Salford. 

Feint Lines is part of an event called 'Lone Women In The Not Quite Light - Flashes of Wilderness', which features a fantastic line up of women artists and writers exploring ideas and experiences of aloneness, darkness & wilderness.

The event begins at 10.30pm running through until midnight, and is presented as part of the Not Quite Light weekend (18th-20th May).

Tickets and more info available here: https://notquitelight.com/lone-women-in-the-not-quite-light-flashes-of-wilderness/

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